An enchanting Festival in the Mountains

From December 6, 2019 to January 5, 2020

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and the first snowflakes are falling. It’s the beginning of the most magical of all seasons. The Etoile Bella Lui festival invites you to discover the magic of winter in the heart of Crans-Montana, illuminated by the light of the Lantern Path, with a craft market and big wheel.

The festival is based on the story of « The Shepherd and the Bella Lui Star » and honours the magic of winter lights in the mountains. Explore the pristine Nature surrounding the centre of Crans-Montana in a convivial and family spirit, as you walk the Lantern Path between Lake Moubra and Lake Etang Long.

In the snowy streets of the village, winter takes on the delicious flavour of local produce, its taste enhanced by our exceptional chefs, bakers, cheesemakers and winemakers. A central gastronomy area invites you to share an aperitif. 

Artisans will also be present, specifically in the « Land and Nature » area, which highlights the region’s built and cultural heritage. Take time to stroll around and discover their wonderful creations, which will perhaps inspire a few gift ideas for Christmas.

Stories, street artists, light shows, a big wheel, figure skating, an illuminated Christmas tree, a visit from Father Christmas; is there a better way to enjoy the holiday season and its magical moments ? Know that from 6 December 2019 until 5 January 2020, Etoile Bella Lui will illuminate the holiday period in this innovative festival that pays tribute to the magic of winter in the mountains.

Origins of the Festival

The shepperd and the Star Bella Lui

The Bella Lui Star is at the heart of a mountain legend which has been passed down from generation to generation in the Crans-Montana region. In this folk tale, the Bella Lui Star turns into a fairy in order to guide a shepherd to his lost goat, saving the goat from certain death. This little-known legend, which has only been passed down orally until now, has led to the creation of the lantern path as well as an illustrated fairytale, which has already won the hearts of children and parents alike.

So the festival builds on this tradition, featuring the magic of winter, its lights, smells, music and many of the legends from our mountain region. At the same time, we would like to introduce visitors to our extraordinary natural surroundings. It is also an opportunity to reconnect with the identity and heritage of an entire mountain region, tthrough promoting artists, artisans and local produce which will be enhanced by talented chefs.

Philosophy of the Festival

All members of the organising committee are volunteers, or are very much committed to their duties, with one shared mission : to showcase the magic of winter in a family ambiance.

Through this commitment, a veritable Christmas universe will be born in the streets of Crans-Montana, inviting you to stroll and dream, and offering entertainment for young and old.

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